Southern Kefalonia

Lourdas Beach & Lithero & Kaminia: (2,2 km 6 min)

The sandy, arched beach awarded with the blue flag attracts many visitors due to its excellent location and crystal-clear waters. The sea is quite deep in some places and so you should be careful, especially when young children are swimming. Sun loungers and parasols are available for rent, and there are water sports facilities. On the beach you will find bars, taverns and mini-markets. It is worth staying until sunset when everything is colored red by the sun setting behind the island of Zakynthos which is visible on the horizon. The nearby Kanali beach is a well-hidden pleasant surprise.

Have a coffee or drink in the evening at Waikiki Beach Bar

For food we recommend you the Tavern “Klimatis” (tel. 2671031151), fresh fish in “Lithero” (tel. 2671031023) and at “Lorraine’s Magic Hill” overlooking the endless blue from the hill (tel. 2671031605).

Avithos Beach (13 km 20 min)

It is a beautiful, well-organized beach with fine, golden sand that has a beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas, shower and lifeguard. On the horizon, you can see the island of Zeus and the island of Zakynthos.

The beach has an impressive mountain background with lush vegetation.

Avithos is the ideal environment for children with its sand and shallow waters.

Amandaki Beach (12km 22min) It is worth visiting the beach at sunset, it is unique.

Ai Ηelis Beach (13km 20min)

Ai Heli beach is an organized large beach, located south of Argostoli. In the village of Svoronata you will see the sign for the beach. Access is easy as it has a parking space.

The color of the sand, unlike other beaches, is grayish. The shallow waters make the beach ideal for families. On the beach you will find a beach bar that offers the basics for a day at the beach.

Port of Pessada (7,5km 15min) Daily route to Zakynthos

Kaminia Beach: (20km 25min)

One of the largest sandy beaches of Kefalonia. The golden silky sand and the clear blue-green particularly warm waters combined with the silence and loneliness will win the hearts of even the most demanding tourists.

Suggestion for food: “ANEMOS” with amazing views and food tel 6946546059

Skala Beach: (21 km 27min)

It is a large beach, with a length of over 5 km, coarse sand and clear waters. It is one of the busiest beaches in Kefalonia. Skala beach has also been awarded the Blue Flag and you have the opportunity to do all kinds of water sports.

Suggestion for food: “NAUTILUS RESTAURANT” overlooking the endless blue (tel 2671083629)

Poros: (25km 30min)

Port (tel 2674 072460)

Poros is accessible from the main road but also from the nearby Skala through the coastal road that offers fantastic views of the village and the turquoise sea that surrounds it. Poros is 42 km away from Argostoli and coming from there the approach to the village is through the beautiful gorge of Poros, an impressive geological phenomenon in which the river Vohinas flows during the winter months.

Poros was built amphitheatrically along the beach. Thanks to the attractive combination of mountain-sea and its fish-rich waters, the village gained loyal visitors from the first years of the tourist development of Kefalonia.

Saint Gerasimos Kefallonia Holy Convent (7km 16min)

Opening hours 9.00-13.00 and 15.30-18.00 (tel 2671086385)

St George’s Castle (10km 15min)

Opening hours 8.30 -16.00 (tel 2671027546)

The Byzantine castle of Cephalonia with later interventions, mainly Venetian of the 16th century. Capital of the island until 1757.

Churches and buildings are preserved inside as well as in the suburb (borgo) east of the entrance.

We recommend you to visit the “Olive Lounge Bar & Restaurant” (tel. 2671031070) with excellent views and surroundings or the “Kastro Cafe” (tel. 2671069367).

Ainos National Park (27km 47min)   (tel 2671029258)

Ainos National Park in Kefalonia is close to Argostoli and Sami and is the smallest national park in Greece.

The Ainos National Park was founded in 1962 with the aim of protecting the endemic spruce species (Abies Cephalinica, Kefalonian spruce), which covers an area of 1973 hectares.

Various species of shrubs appear in the fir forest, such as gourds, hawthorns, etc. Northwest of Ainos on Mount Roudi, rich vegetation of shrubs covers an area of 46 hectares and is a separate part in the forest. The spruce forests of Mount Ainos are so dark green that they look almost black, so the Venetians called it Monte Nero (“Black Mountain”). Such was the reputation of the mountain that when a Kefalonian named Marinos Metaxas had an audition with Napoleon, the Emperor asked him what the famous forests of the Black Mountain were like. The famous wild horses of Ainos find shelter inside the park. Some claim to be descendants of the wild horses of Thessaly, one of the three ancient Greek breeds now extinct, as their resemblance to ancient horse sculptures is truly striking.

Northern Kefalonia

Assos (46km 1h)

Just north of the amazing beach of Myrtos is the small and secluded village of Assos, which is one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages on the island. Built amphitheatrically around the homonymous peninsula, it is surrounded by wonderful green landscape and lush forests. Pines and cypresses and the crystal-clear blue waters of the Ionian, create a unique combination and make Assos an ideal setting for a relaxing holiday. The village seems to be “lost in time” and emits an almost mystical atmosphere. The basic original traditional Ionian architecture is preserved, while the modern feeling is gentle and discreet, but enough to pleasantly surprise all visitors. Beautiful colored houses nestling in the steep slope of the hill, fill the landscape with colors beyond the predominant blue and green. In the small port you can see small fishing boats and some luxury moored yachts and in the small square of the village you can find some taverns and restaurants. Assos beach is a beautiful shady, pebble beach that offers crystal clear waters and views of the bay. In the late 15th century, a castle was built by the Venetian army to protect the inhabitants from pirate raids. The fortress was of great strategic importance and made Assos the capital of the northern side of the island. Nowadays, there are only ruins of the wall and other parts of the castle of Assos, as well as the church of St. Mark.

Fiskardo (60 km 1h 20 min)

Fiskardo is a former fishing village in northern Kefalonia, which has been transformed into a high-level cosmopolitan resort, without losing its perfection. Fiskardo was left almost untouched by the earthquake of 1953 in Kefalonia and still bears the traditional color, grace and beauty of the island. A walk through the narrow alleys between the colorful houses will make you feel like a time traveler, going back a century. The traditional waterfront of the port is full of excellent restaurants and taverns to satisfy everyone’s palate, cafes and souvenir shops, housed in renovated pre-earthquake Venetian mansions. At night, Fiskardo takes a completely different perspective. Considered to be the most cosmopolitan spot in Kefalonia, the charming waterfront is illuminated and vibrant like a beehive. Along the harbor, one can see high-end sailing boats and luxury boats docked next to traditional fishing boats. Surrounded by unruly, lush vegetation that almost reaches the shoreline, the village of Fiskardo seems to be part of a dreamy landscape. It is an area full of contrasts, where the rugged, intensely wooded hills (mainly cypress and pine, less olive trees) meet the beaches of glittering white pebbles. Fiskardo is a favorite destination for celebrities seeking isolation and anonymity. Also, some scenes from the Hollywood movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” were shot here.


LIXOURI and surroundings

Lixouri (45km 56min)

Port: Itineraries to Argostoli by ferry

Opposite Argostoli, the lively capital of Kefalonia, you will experience a different aspect of the island’s way of life and mentality, in the town of Lixouri. Lixouri is much more relaxing than Argostoli, but equally charming and picturesque. The large square near the port is the center of daily life and entertainment, an ideal and safe place for families with young children. The humorous mood and the unique temperament of the locals is reflected in the daily life of the city, adding a picturesque charm to the acquaintance with the area. If you come across a local traditional celebration in Lixouri, do not miss the opportunity to participate, eat, drink and dance, you will have an amazing time!

Petani Beach (45km 59min by car / or by ferry to Lixouri and then by car 13km 22 min)

The famous beach Petani, with clear blue waters and pebbles, offers a great swimming experience. Enjoy the amazing landscape that Myrtos just competes with in beauty and atmosphere and practice your diving skills by diving in the sea from the big rock at the eastern end of the beach.

Excellent food at “ERASMIA” (tel 2671097372)

Agia Eleni Beach (48km 1h by car / or by ferry to Lixouri and then by car 13km 22 min)

The beach is small with white pebbles, crystal clear waters and definitely possesses a unique beauty. It is popular with both young and old, who dive from above in its deep waters and become one with the sea.

You should not miss to eat at “Ladokolla” (10km 16 minutes from Lixouri) which is in Damoulianata, above the beach of Agia Eleni, preferably during sunset. Unforgettable food and amazing views (tel 2671097493)

Monastery of Kipoureon  (53km 1h 13 min by car or by ferry to Lixouri and by car 12 km 20 min)

The Monastery is built in one of the most imposing landscapes of Kefalonia on a high rock about 90 m from the sea.

It was built in the 17th century and its name is due to the many gardens maintained by the fathers to provide the necessities of life.

Beach Xi (52km 1h 6min by car or by ferry to Lixouri and by car 6,5 km 10 min)

Known for its unique beauty surrounded by sandy rocks with bright red, healing clay and warm shallow waters. Mix water and clay from the rocks to create a wonderful, natural clay mask, ideal for your daily spa treatment!


ARGOSTOLI and surroundings

Argostoli: (13km 18min)

Port (tel2671091280) with frequent itineraries to Lixouri which take 20 min by ferry

Start from the central square of Argostoli and walk to the commercial pedestrian street. Here you will find traditional products, souvenirs and many cafes. You can visit the orthodox church of Agios Spyridon, the church of Agios Nikolaos, which is the only catholic church in Kefalonia and at the end of the sidewalk you should definitely enter the Clock Tower in Kampana Square, which offers a wonderful panoramic view of the city. Continue your tour with a visit to the Archaeological Museum, located directly opposite the Municipal Theater of Kefalos, and the Historical and Folklore Museum. Return to the main square and walk to the other side, along the road with palm trees. You will find the Kosmetatou House, a beautiful mansion that survived the catastrophic earthquake of 1953. Continue your evening with a walk in the Botanical Garden of Kefalonia or in the Garden of Napier and watch the sunset from the Devosetos bridge, the largest stone bridge above sea level.

Koutavos Lagoon (12km 17min)

You can go boating in the lagoon at Laggon Activities (tel. 6948077009) or have a coffee on its shores enjoying the environment in the cafe “Sulatso” (tel. 2671024338)

Saint Theodore Lighthouse (19km 25min)

The lighthouse of Agios Theodoros is located in the area of Lassi near Argostoli. It was built in 1828 by the English when the commander was Charles Napier. It has a tower height of 8 meters and a focal height of 11 meters. It was destroyed by the earthquakes of 1953 and rebuilt according to the architectural plan (1828)

Sinkholes (Katavothres):

You will be amazed by the sinks of Argostoli, which are a unique geological phenomenon that you can see on the north coast of the city. Contrary to the usual, that the water flows into the sea, in the sinkholes the sea water invades cracks of the land to be lost deep in the limestone rocks of the earth. The sinks remained an unexplained mystery until 1963, when an Austrian scientific team dropped a red dye (uranine) into the water and remnants of that color appeared in the Sami area. Thus, it was discovered that after a two-week underground voyage these waters flow into the east coast of Kefalonia near Sami, the springs of Karavomylos and the lake cave of Melissani. During this journey, the water mixes with the rainwater present in the cracks of the subsoil and thus becomes brackish. In Katavothres today you will see a wheel that turns with the force of water, while in the 190th century a mill operated here.

Worth to go for a coffee or a cocktail at Katavothres Club Restaurant (tel. 2671022221), the environment is beautiful with a nice view to Lixouri.

Makris Gialos Beach & Platys Gialos Beach (17km 25min)

The access to the beach consists of a downhill road, after passing the hotels and restaurants of Lassi. The sandy, organized beach of Platys Gialos is located in a unique location, a tourist attraction with a beach bar, loud music and often beach parties.

Ammes Beach (14km 20min)

The small sandy beach with crystal clear shallow waters is popular in Kefalonia and is preferred by many locals and foreign visitors. The calm waters make it an ideal place for families with children. There you can also meet careta careta nests and babies headed to the sea with the help of volunteers.

Due to its location near the airport, it gives you the opportunity to watch the spectacular take-off and landing of airplanes while enjoying your swim.

Suggestions for food in the area of Argostoli:

Literally on the wave is the “Vinaries” (tel. 2671024828) on the main road to the Lighthouse

The “Blue Coast” (tel 2671026680) is literally a floating restaurant on the sea

You will find traditional cooked food in “Palia Plaka” (tel 2671024849)

Nice environment, view and excellent food you will find at “Butler’s House” in Lassi (tel 2671025453)

At sunset do not forget to have a cocktail at the “Logos Grand View” in Lassi (tel. 2671040005)


SAMI and surroundings


Sami (2km 39 min) Port tel 26740 22031

Itineraries to Ithaca are running. The village is located in a large bay with a long tree-lined promenade and a wonderful view opposite the island of Ithaca. The magnificent waterfront, cobbled streets and Venetian buildings offer the village a unique charm and reflect the rich heritage of the island.

Sami is one of the jewels of the east coast of Kefalonia, located in a luxurious environment of pine landscape and crystal-clear coastline. In the village there is a well-known beautiful beach and places like the ancient fortified citadel, making Sami ideal for a mixture of idyllic peace and exploring the most interesting sights of the island.

Karavomilos Lake (1km from Sami)

The traditional watermill is one of the most characteristic images of the area. Right behind you will find an artificial “lake” surrounded by lush, green vegetation, which completes the unique landscape. According to scientists, Karavomilos is part of the geologically strange phenomena observed in Kefalonia: researchers have found that the water ends here from the Sinkholes of Argostoli, on the west side of the island, after crossing Kefalonia underground and mixing it with freshwater You can eat at “Taverna Karavomylos” located by the lake (tel 2674022216)


Drogarati Cave (22km 35min) (tel 2674023302)

An exceptional natural wonder in Kefalonia. An underground wonder lies beneath your feet in Sami. It is the Drogarati Cave, a natural work of art over 150 million years old, with colorful stalactites hanging from the ceiling like curtains and glassy stalagmites, which form surreal chambers. The large hall of the cave (900m2), is called “Hall of the Apotheosis” due to its perfect acoustics. When Maria Callas visited the cave, she was thrilled by the quality of the sound and wanted to sing here. Soon, he did, with a few hundred people watching. Since then, many famous artists have performed in this fascinating room.


Melissani Cavelake (27km 43min) (tel 267402997)

The cave lake of Melissani is located two kilometers northwest of Sami. Its natural entrance is vertical, and was created by the falling part of the roof. But there is also an artificial entrance, with stairs and a long underground corridor, which allows the visitor to see up close and be dazzled by the rare beauty of the cave and the stunning decoration with stalactites. Beautiful waters with changing shades of blue, as the sun sets, honey walls and countless stalactites will take your breath away and take you on a journey to another, mythical and magical world.  The lake is located at a depth of 20 meters, below the ground surface, and its waters have a depth that varies from ten to thirty meters. Inside there is a small island. It is divided into two chambers, which form something like the letter “B”, one bathed in light, the other dark and covered with stalagmites. During the excavations of 1962, several oil lamps, plates and figures depicting the god Pan and many nymphs were discovered. Legend has it that the cave of Melissani was the exact spot where one of these Nymphs, Melissanthi (or Melissani), drowned after being rejected by the god Pan.

Antisamos Beach (30km 48min)

The beach awarded the Blue Flag, it is located a few kilometers away from the port of Sami. The landscape combines all shades of blue and green, where vegetation grows almost to the sea. It is a well-organized, easily accessible beach with white pebbles and crystal-clear blue waters surrounded by lush vegetation. This beach became very famous as a shooting location for “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”.


Αgia Efimia (33km 49min)

It is a picturesque fishing village with a well-protected port.

The local port is surrounded by restaurants, taverns and bars which reflect a non-commercialized Greek atmosphere not exclusively for tourists.

Scattered around the village there are many small pebble beaches and the famous Myrtos beach is about 20 min drive.

Myrtos Beach  (39km 47min)

Multi-award winning and famous, the beach of Myrtos in Kefalonia is at the top of the list of the best Greek beaches and is ranked among the best in the world, for more than ten consecutive years. Deep turquoise waters embraced by white sand leading to dazzling white pebbles, in a long, long strip of dramatic beauty. A beach that once met, will never be forgotten. Framed by high, steep cliffs, your view of the vast horizon will captivate. This is Myrtos! Between the foot of two mountains and accessible by a winding road, Myrtos offers a magnificent view at first glance. Stand on the balcony above the beach, breathe the salty air and let your eyes sink to infinity, colored with all shades of blue. During the sunset, there is no better place than this to enjoy the stunning view of the red sky merging with the ultimate blue.

For the adventurous: Paragliding, a unique and unforgettable experience.

Agia Kyriaki (36km 46min)

It is a long beach with pebbles and crystal-clear waters. In its colorful port there are many fishing boats and you can rent one to explore many beautiful beaches of Kefalonia such as Fteri.

You will find fresh fish at “Akrogialia tou Kostas” on the beach (tel 6974581722)

For meat eaters, local delicious meats and unforgettable views can be found at “Vista Mare” (tel. 2671085452) in the village Agonas above the beach.