Mandola is a traditional dessert found only in the Ionian Islands and is one of the most famous traditional products of Kefalonia. It is made from almonds and sugar, while its intense red color is due to a type of seaweed that the locals use as a dye.

Mandolato is a kind of nougat, another traditional dessert whose name comes from the Italian word “Mantorla”. During the Venetian occupation, nougat was consumed mostly by the aristocrats of the region. It is made from almonds, honey, sugar and egg whites beaten into a meringue.

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Kefalonian white cheese (Feta)

The first reports start from the Homeric years, while there are also reports in Herodotus, about the cheese from Kefalonia. In fact, many historical and folklore reports refer to the famous cheesemakers of Kefalonia who created large units of cheese dairies in the Balkan countries and were teachers in the preparation of feta.

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Kefalonian Wine

Both the climate and the composition of the soil give the Kefalonian wines a completely special taste.

Robola (Designation of Origin of Superior Quality) is prominent, white wine with a pale yellow hue, but also Mavrodafni of Kefallinia, as well as Moschatos Lefkos of Kefallinia.


One of the typical dishes of the island is the Kefalonian meat pie. The local housewives make it from three separate types of meat (pork, goat and beef). In Kefalonia they also make excellent cod pie from salted cod and stew braised rabbit or rooster are cooked exceptionally good in Kefalonia.



  • The nearest CASH POINT is of “Pireus Bank” at the “Petro’s Supermarket” on the way to Lourdas Beach (700m) and a “Bankomat” next to “Klimatis Tavern” at the beach of Lourdas (2,2km).
  • The nearest BANK is in Argostoli.
  • The nearest GAS STATION is within the village Vlahata on the main road and the next one is between the village Vlahata and Mousata.
  • The nearest SUPERMARKET is “Express Market” (300 m) on the main raod of Vlahata and a more exclusive one is “Petro’s Supermarket” on the main road from Vlahata to Lourdas Beach (approximately 700 m). The shops are open all day long until late evening including Sundays and holidays.

Bigger supermarkets are on the main road to the capital city Argostoli (~10 km), namely “AB Vassilopoulos”, “Kritikos Supermarket” and “Lidl Supermarket” and at the entrance of Argostoli (~14km) you will find “My Market Supermarket’ and “Stamouli Supermarket” for delicious local products (like cheese and meat). The store “Jumbo” is also located on the main road to the capital city Argostoli (~8 km), a market where you can find various items from beach items to house utilities and toys. These markets stay open Mo-Sa 9 am -9 pm.

  • The nearest DRUGSTORE is in Vlahata (green cross) 450 m (tel 2671031660) opening hours Mo-Fr 8:00-14:00 & 17:00-20:00 Sa 8:00-14:00
  • The nearest POST BOX is situated on the main road of Vlahata- the yellow box- at “Cleios Café Lounge” (250 m)
  • The nearest BAKERY is “Kalouris Bakery” on the main road of Vlahata (200 m), coffee is also prepared.
  • Nearby RESTAURANTS are “Toso oso” and “Chefalonia” (700 m) on the main road to Lourdas Beach. Also advisable are “Klimatis Tavern”, “Lithero” and “Lorraine’s Magic Hill”, which are located a bit further away at the beach of Lourdas.
  • Nearby CAFES with stunning view are “Cleios Cafe Lounge” and “360 Café Bar”. A nice café bar at the beach of Lourdas is the “Waikiki Beach Bar”.
  • Nearby BEACHES are “Lourdas Beach”, “Lithero Beach”, “Trapezaki Beach” (easily reachable by car) and “Kanali Beach” and “Sissia Beach” (also walking required).

The usual opening hours are Mo-Sa 9:00 am – 13.30 pm and they reopen Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 5.30 pm -9.00 pm.

The PHONE CODE for Greece is 0030 (+30).


*Dionysos 26710 31580 &

*Souvlaki House 26710 31165

*Boho Creperie 26710 31189


The main taxi rank is on the square in Argostoli and they are bordeaux color.

*Κefalonia Taxi Service 6945306145 &

*Kefalonia Taxi 24/7 6945118866

*Radio Taxi Kefalonia 2671022700 &

*Kefalonia Taxi 2118505271 &

High Class Taxi Services 6977193569 &


*“Just Rent it Kefalonia” 26710 31820 &

*“Kefalonia Car Rental” 6978070737 &

*“Easy Rent Kefalonia” 2671031265 &

*“CBR Rent a car” 2671031522


  • Tourist Information 26710 22248
  • Airport Information 26710 41511
  • Bus station 26710 22281&
  • Port of Poros 26740 72460
  • Port of Sami 26740 22031
  • Port of Argostoli 26710 22224
  • Port of Fiskardo 26740 41400
  • Port of Patras 2610 365135
  • Port of Killini 26230 92339
  • Levante Ferries 2109499400 & 26710 25500 &
  • Emergency Services 100
  • Ambulance 166
  • Fire Dept 199
  • Directory Enquiries 11880
  • Tourist Police 26710 22815
  • Police Station in Argostoli 26710 22220
  • Hospital in Argostoli (Doctor 24h)2671 38000
  • Drugstore: Each drugstore displays which one will be open